“GMO”, “UFO”, and a “Winged Shape-Shifter”: SkepchickCon, Part 2

Here are all three pieces up for auction. They’d make a great set for the skeptic in your life.

Continuing from last week’s post, I’m going to discuss some of the pictures I created for SkepchickCon. The neat thing about this week’s post is that you can actually purchase the discussed photos themselves!

The photos are framed and autographed by me with the proceeds going to help pay for the SkepchickCon speakers’ travel expenses. You can view the pieces up for auction here: “UFO“, “GMO“, and “Winged Shape-Shifter“. Shipping is $10 per piece, but if you win two or all three of the auctions, I will bundle the shipping expense and you will still only pay $10.


After a hard day’s work, the girls stoically pose by their genetically modified ear of corn.

This is probably my favorite photo of the whole bunch. I imagined it in my mind’s eye and I was able to replicate it exactly, which can be tricky. Usually in early conceptions, you have to make adjustments, sacrifices, or improvements, but not with this photo. I was so happy that Briar and Jude were able to capture that sort of “despression-era” somber look, complete with dirty faces and feet.

According to, a GMO is “an organism or microorganism whose genetic material has been altered by means of genetic engineering”. Brian Dunning of Skeptoid did a fantastic podcast about GMO’s, so I am going to direct you there if you’d like to learn about GMO’s, why they’re in the news, and what exactly all the hub-bub is about.

Or you can purchase a ticket to SkepchickCon to find out more about GMO’s, because guess what?  They’re discussing it!

“Winged Shape-Shifter”

Donning my wig from Halloween, I purchased a pair of wings and posed for this photo.

This is my shape-shifter, but how could this shape-shifter exist? If we look at this creature from a scientific standpoint, we can see that vertebrate animals that evolve wings do not also have arms.

The wings ended up being quite lovely; it’s a good look for me.

Find out more about the physics and biology of shape-shifters at SkepchickCon.


What skeptic talk wouldn’t be complete without discussing UFO’s and/or aliens?

Items needed for a UFO: 2 Pie Pans, Hot Glue, String, Stick.

When a witness to a UFO jumps to the conclusion that it must’ve been an alien ship they immediately begin refining the memory of the event until it forms a congruent story. Humans have a tendency to put too much stock into what we believe we have seen with our own eyes and fail to objectively question our perceptions or recollection of events. With better information or more evidence the phenomenon may have been explainable, but with many UFO experiences that opportunity has passed, and only a story remains. And then you have the deliberate hoaxers, which my photograph satirizes. Those scamps!

Don’t forget to check out my items up for auction and bid, bid, bid! Remember, one well-placed high-dollar proxy bid is all it takes to win. The bidding ends Sunday 5/26.


Gigi Chickee

All photos are taken by me, Gigi Chickee, unless otherwise noted. Photography Correspondent here at Mad Art Lab. Wife to my gorgeous husband, Rob. Mother to my four girls. Proud Secular Homeschooler. Photographer when the occasion arises. Seamstress in training. Skeptic always. Follow me and my musings on Twitter: @gigichickee

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