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Dr Phil Plait aka The Bad Astronomer Explains Gravitational Waves


Welcome to episode #45 of Mad Art Cast!

We were honored to have our good friend, author and expert science communicator, the brilliant Dr. Phil Plait join us!

Dr. Phil Plait, famously known as The Bad Astronomer was kind enough to spend some time with us to help us understand the relevance and basic physics behind the recent historical detection of gravitational waves that was predicted 100 years ago by Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Will this help us time travel? Will we be able to surf a wave in space? What does that now famous recorded “chirp” really represent? And are scientists actually listening to the cosmos? Does the Bad Astronomer think that art can help humans understand science? Listen to our podcast to find out!

Show notes:

Reuben sandwich casserole 

Glitch Furniture

Carina Nebula image

More information on the LIGO project at CalTech.

This is what gravitational waves sound like.

Listen below or find us on iTunes!

Featured image from LIGO

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