Downtown Turkeys: Wildlife Lives Just Down the Street.

Most of the time it seems like we humans have managed to wall ourselves off from the environment pretty effectively. We have built sturdy houses, moved into towns and cities, and found any number of ways to hide out from nature. But every once in a while we catch glimpses of how the natural world has adapted to our ever isolating societies. Now and then we see some video of a bear pushing a dumpster around, or we read a story about urban coyotes. Cities often set up cameras of falcons that roost on buildings. Well, where I live we have a neighborhood rafter of turkeys.

Most evenings they can be seen grazing the yards,
In the yard
and moseying across driveways,

even standing on top of houses.

They are a little reminder to me, that no matter how isolated I may feel from nature, it is always just outside my door. And for me that is a comfort. I like knowing that I can just get out there, and even in the city, I can find nature. That’s important to me.

Do you have a way to feel connected to the world around you? Do you ever see wildlife where you wouldn’t expect it?

Chris T.

Chris is a microbiologist with a passion for nature. He has a degree in Natural History and spends his time taking pictures of mushrooms, riding his bike, painting, and watching tv.

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  1. Next spring we need to remember to look for the ducks that live in the bushes and think the swimming pool is a pond.

  2. Oh wow. I’m surprised ours don’t get in people’s way more often. We did once see them standing at the bus stop… That would have been a great picture, but an awkward commute.

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