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Dang it, Riker

It’s been a couple years since I have watched Star Trek: The Next Gen and yesterday I was hit by a powerful force to re-watch all the episodes and films. Yes, even the bad ones.

I also made a startling discovery when watching ST: Generations. One that shocked me to my very core.

Throughout the movie, I kept thinking to myself “Mmmm, Riker has aged majestically.”

Stupid Riker and his sexy beard.


Seriously though, there is something so comforting and satisfying about watching ST:TNG again. Sure, the first season had it’s cheese factor (hi, spandex uniforms for EVERYONE and Riker didn’t have his glory beard), but I can’t think of any character I didn’t like. They were all great! Data and Geordi are the best bros.

Do you have a favourite character? Or episode? Or heck, a different Star Trek series entirely? Let’s chat, friend.


Jill is forever chained to her art desk, scribbling away.

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  1. Data is hands-down my favorite character from TNG. Funnily enough, Spock was my favorite in the original series. I guess I have a thing for cold logic?

    Mainly I find Data’s inability to fully understand human interaction fascinating. It sort of confuses me that other members of the crew can’t communicate ideas to him in a way that he can make sense of it.

    When someone asks him if he’s upset or something–it isn’t the right way to ask him. Ask him if he’s disturbed or perturbed by Yar’s death, not whether he’s sad.

    So many reasons.

  2. I’m a huge TNG fan. I absolutely love this series – favourite one of all of the Star Treks. 🙂 And you hit the nail on the head – it’s comforting to watch. It’s typically ‘episodal’, with a moral to each storyline. One can usually just put in any episode, sit down and enjoy a ~45 minute escape. I’m very jealous that I’m missing a second full cast reunion!

    My fave character is Picard. I adore Patrick Stewart, his talent, his presence, his, well, everything.
    I agree about Riker – the beard totally suits him. And I never realized how tall he is!

  3. Picard is the best. I love his chemistry with Riker. So different, but both actors play so well off each other. In fact, the majority of the cast just flows so well together. I would love to see the whole cast reunion too. That would blow my mind.

  4. Oh, Star Trek, my first geek love.

    And oh, Patrick Stewart, my first… err, geek love.

    I’ve been rewatching DS9 off and on for the past year. It keeps startling me with just howw *good* it is. Not only is it a much better version of Star Trek than I originally thought, but it’s a good standalone series as well.

    As for TNG and Riker, I just can’t say it better than this: http://sttngfashion.tumblr.com/post/33782317564/the-vengeance-factor-3-9

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