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Cucking Follages: A 365 Project

Ah, collage–the ancient art of gluing shit to other shit. To ring in the new year and get my creative juices flowing, I’ve decided to undertake a collage a day project. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: CUCKING FOLLAGES.

The rules are simple:

  • Must be a “complete” collage
  • Cannot buy new materials for them–must use what is on hand
  • If you miss a day, you have to make it up later
  • Each collage must use at least 3 different elements
  • Collages must be no bigger than 12″x12″


Here’s a peek at one of the collages I’ve done so far:


I highly encourage those of you at home to merrily glue shit to other shit too so we can be collage buddies! Collage 4 Lyfe.

Stay classy MAL,


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