Worst Miracle Ever

Hello, world. If you’re reading this, it means I lived long enough to finish typing it. But probably I’m dead. At the hands of a cruel dare from my fellow MALabbers. They’re horrible people who disguise themselves as friends. Don’t trust them. Let me tell you a story. Once upon …


What’s in the stars for New York City?

Apparently you can make an astrological chart for anything with a birth date and time, including cities. Why should they get left out of the fun? Someone over at’s New York site decided to ask professional astrologer Shelley Ackerman to consult the stars about what’s on the horizon for …

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Fauxtography Part 2: “PSYCHO”kinesis

My inspiration this week is telekinesis and psychokinesis. In scouring the nightmare of “scientific” research that is out there on telekinesis/psychokinesis, I actually learned an interesting factoid about the two words. Originally, the word “telekinesis” was used to describe objects being moved by ghosts, demons, imps, or other such supernatural …


Twins: Psychics or Sidekicks, Part 1

My photography subject this week: TWINS! Since I birthed a pair, I figured I’d feature them in one of my posts. Most of us are singletons, meaning we do not have a twin. We look at twins with awe, assuming there is something magical about being a twin. We sometimes …


Homeopathic Lemonade + Activity Book

I'm delighted to announce that all of us here at Mad Art Lab are putting together an old-school acitvity book! Think paper dolls, word searches, connect the dots, and kitchen experiments, but with more skepticism and alcohol. We'll be posting various activities as we develop them; here is an example …


MadArtBot: Turning Shapes Into Things

So, have you designed any 3D objects yet? No? What, you say you can’t? Liar! If you can draw shapes, you can make a 3D model. Today, we’re going to walk you through a couple easy ways to make a 3D model from a drawing. Ready?

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Calendar Curiosities: Joyeux Anniversaire Georges Méliès

Maries Georges Jean Méliès was many things during his life: puppeteer, actor, stage designer, magician/illusionist, theatre owner, toy salesman and, I think it can be easily argued, the father of film special effects. After witnessing the brand-new Cinématographe being exhibited to stunned audiences by the Lumière brothers in 1895, Méliès …