AI: WBC faking protests, can we do better?

According to The New York Observer, the Westboro Baptist Church has taken to protesting at events via Photoshop.

If you don’t already know, the WBC is a group that shows up at funerals and such to publicly offend homosexuals and anyone that isn’t completely bonkers.

It seems that they’ve been getting too lazy to actually show up and now they’re just photoshopping themselves in. I think we can do better.

Into what event or place should the WBC protestors be photoshopped?


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  1. WBC at the stations of the cross?


    tattooedg33k you are an evil genius and someone is building a hell so we can all go there.

  2. tattooedg33k: Tell your husband he is blasphenomenal!

    Kahomono: That’s good, but it makes me want to see more pun ones…

    Protesting the checkout lane of a grocery store? (GOD HATES BAGS)
    Protesting the Westminster Dog Show? (GOD HATES WAGS)
    Protesting at a horse track? (GOD HATES NAGS)
    Protesting outside the offices of Facebook? (GOD HATES TAGS)

    …I’ll stop now.

  3. Those are GREAT suggestions!! I want them to protest Homer Simpson or Barney. Or whatever the most innocuous children’s cartoon or movie you can think of….like ‘My Little Pony’ or ‘The Muppets’.

  4. Spongebob Squarepants (“God Hates Sponges”), Clone Wars (“God Hates Droids”), Dora The Explorer (“God Hates Maps”).

  5. Hello!  Came here via a link on the Ravelry Atheist and Agnostic Crafters group.  Some suggestions:
    Outside the UN building: God Hates Flags
    On a WoW server: God Hates Lag
    At the zebra exhibit at your favourite local zoo: God hates zigs and zags
    And one to betray my Steeltown roots: Outside a steel mill: God Hates Slag

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