A Tale of Two Mediums: Photography Vs. Cinematography

Film Vs Photo2
Camcorder and Camera: I might be suspiciously eyeing the camcorder, but the camera is actually the more curious one…it’s FILM! I had to get my old film camera out so Zoë could use my digital camera to take the picture. It was strange, yet familiar, when I held it. Photo taken by: Zoë, Edited by Gigi

I’m doing something a bit different this week. Last Wednesday, August 14, Mad Art Lab went to the movies…well, not literally, but some of the Labbers got together via a Google Hangout and discussed “Atheists and Film”, specifically about the Atheist Film Festival.

Since my internet connection is notoriously slow (I kept dropping in and out of the Hangout), I opted to pre-record the topic that I was going to cover. The topic was about comparing/contrasting photography and cinematography, and how we can utilize these mediums to our best advantage. The plan was to show the YouTube video during the Hangout and discuss it afterwords, but due to unforeseen technical issues, we weren’t able to show it during the hangout. That’s where this post comes in.

This week, sit back and allow me to take a bit of your time to discuss my ideas about photos and videos. Also, during my YouTube video you’ll get a sneak peek at a “poltergeist home video” that my daughters and I created for Mad Art Lab that has yet to be released; watch the video below to find out why.

I actually learned a lot about video editing while creating the video, which felt pretty empowering. I hope I get to utilize those talents more often now that I explored our video editing software a bit. It was actually quite fun once everything was said and done.

Here is the video I recorded for the Google Hangout:


Also, if you want to take a gander at Mad Art Lab’s first-ever Google Hangout, here is “Mad Art Lab Goes to the Movies”, which was also tremendous amounts of fun:

Gigi Chickee

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  1. I never thought about how difficult it would be to portray a poltergeist in a still, but that’s totally true. You would almost have to rely on cultural assumptions, such as making the scene similar to the movie (chairs stacked on a table, for example) for it to work. For SkepchickCon, portraying evo psych seemed like an impossible task to me, but you totally pulled it off.

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