Holes in Humanity

This weekend, Cards Against Humanity has launched another Black Friday campaign. This year, if you give them money, they’ll dig a hole. That’s it. So far they’re over eighty thousand dollars. That’s a lot of money to throw into a hole. As an idea, it’s kind of funny. When it …


Music of the Revolution

Edit: I wrote this before Vice President-elect Mike Pence went to catch Hamilton, and the fallout from that. All of this goes double. We now return to your regular post. Feel free to tap play on that video for the sounds that go with these words. After the election, I …

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Mad Art Cast Episode #70 — A Has Questions

Ashley, Brian and A are still without their fearless leader this week, but hatch a plan for A, our resident non-creative, to get the answers she wants about creativity (but only after checking in with the boss.)

Mad Art Cast

Mad Art Cast: Tsimané and What Makes Music Good

Sorry for the lateness of this companion post gang! Our brains are clearly in Summer-Mode. In this episode of the ‘cast, we talk about the universality of music. Specifically, the idea that particular chords and melodies are universally ‘sad’ or ‘happy’ to all cultures. Scientists and musicians have had differing …


Playing an Art Show – Aftermath

Altekrea, my local geek and horror art show is over. I’ve written about how I prepare to play at one, and what I do once I’m on site, but what I do once I’m basking in the afterglow before returning to my lair is straightforward. Thank everyone involved, review the …


Playing an Art Show – Getting Ready

As someone who makes music on the internet and is a local super-recluse, I’m rarely booked for live shows, but it happens now and again. I have a sort of standing invite at a local nerd art show called Altekrea, I think because I’m the only person they know who’ll do …

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KV 265’s Cosmic Convergence of Science and Culture

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a dazzling night of music and astronomy films by Jose Francisco Salgado in collaboration with the Chicago Sinfonietta. I had seen clips of his memeworthy films from time to time on social media. It is impossible for Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy and other …

Work in Progress

WIP Weekend – True Friendship

Make with the Play play, pretty please. It’s been a month of moving. In the past three weeks, I’ve helped four people move, one of which was an emergency move where a group of valiant friends came together to help an old roommate of mine, a complete stranger to them, move …