PINK! The pinkiest pink that ever did pink. Maybe. It's pretty damn pink.
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On Wednesdays, We Litigate Pink

Like a lot of folks, the Lab got really excited a few years ago about Vantablack, a material that absorbs 99.96% of visible light and is the “blackest black” synthetic thing outside of a black hole. Then Bean-sculptor Anish Kapoor made a deal for the exclusive rights to use it, …

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Mad Art Cast #SciArt and the Blackest Black with Glendon Mellow

Welcome to an exciting episode of Mad Art Cast with special guest artist Glendon Mellow who is well known and loved for his fabulous writing at the Symbiartic blog at Scientific American. We talk to Glendon about the origins of the #sciart hashtag which has, over the past few years …

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Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: The #sciart Tweetstorm Returns, The Blackest Black Pigment, Art Crimes and Way More!

Hey gang, it’s time for your mid-week Quickies and there’s some real weirdness in here. So don’t waste any time, let’s go! The #sciart Tweetstorm is back for its second year! Our pals over at Symbiartic have all the details you need. -Via Donna Artist Anish Kapoor has gotten the …


Higher Mathematics Meets High Culture

Marcus du Sautoy is a mathematician known for bringing an appreciation of mathematics to the masses. He’s done many television programs, popular mathematics books, theater productions and musical performances. He has an exhilarating new series of radio essays about artists who he represents as secret mathematicians. This superb series is …