Lee Bontecou's untitled mobile from sculpture.org
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The Primordial Black Holes of Lee Bontecou

Lee Bontecou’s wall assemblages are unforgettable, raw, powerful beasts. May you have the opportunity to appreciate her work in person some day. Veronica Roberts explains how the artist discovered her signature black pigment by skewing the gas mix in her welding torch and using the resulting soot. Respect. This video …

mad vanta black
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Mad Art Cast #SciArt and the Blackest Black with Glendon Mellow

Welcome to an exciting episode of Mad Art Cast with special guest artist Glendon Mellow who is well known and loved for his fabulous writing at the Symbiartic blog at Scientific American. We talk to Glendon about the origins of the #sciart hashtag which has, over the past few years …

Detail of Bruce Riley's Half Life
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Augmented Vision and Innovative Painting

Artists today are very lucky. We truly benefit from the multitude of documentary images made possible by technology. Technology assists scientists to make the invisible visible in a myriad of ways and scales. We can gaze upon pictures of enormous ancient galaxies or explore the minute organelles of living cells. …

"There was perhaps a first vision attempted in the flower" 1883 (source)
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Odilon Redon’s Dark Musings on Evolution

Imagine you are Adam or Eve in the Garden of Eden in a state of blissfully ignorant grace. You reach for the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. As you take a bite your world is rocked by a traumatic paradigm shift. To your horror, the fruit you are eating …

LHC #9 from artist's website
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High luminosity windows

If you are going to be in Washington D.C.  between February 1 and July 18 of 2016 go see Jonathan Feldschuh‘s art exhibit at the National Academy of Sciences. Feldschuh is a working data scientist and artist with an undergraduate degree in physics from Harvard. The artist expresses his appreciation …

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Art of the Gaps: What is the origin of life on Earth?

Part of being human is having the drive to question the mysteries of the world around us. That questioning has led us to many answers over the millenia. Some of the biggest gaps in human knowledge have been answered by arbitrary communal consensus. These diverse myths and stories entertained and …

photo: Valerie Higgins
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Angela Gonzales and Fermilab–pride, purpose, and play

In late October, 80-y.o.  Angela Gonzales passed away. She was employee number 11 of National Accelerator Laboratory (now Fermilab). At the beginning of her 31-year career with the lab, she and founding director, Robert Wilson, shared a vision of an aesthetically pleasing as well as utilitarian Department of Energy research …

Dr. Walter Tschinkel and an awesome aluminum cast of an ant colony
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Of Art and Ant Hills

I’ve been watching a slew of videos like the one above of scientists and artisans pouring aluminum, lead, plaster, and wax into ant and termite nests creating intricate and fascinating positive casts out of them. These casts of natural insect nests are more captivating to me than most sculptures. They …