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Gone, Fission: How Lise Meitner was Written Out of the Nuclear Age. (Women in Science 75!)

To fully appreciate Lise Meitner, you have to first forget everything you learned about the atom in high school.  Forget that the nucleus is made up of neutral particles called neutrons and positive particles called protons.  Forget about how electrons live in statistically determined probability clouds outside the nucleus.  Forget …


Monarch of Crystallography: Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin and the Structure of Large Molecules. (Women in Science 73)

Two scientists. Two crystallographers. Both successful, but one died young after her most significant discovery was snatched from her, while the other lived to a ripe old age after a string of ground-breaking discoveries and a Nobel Prize.  The former, Rosalind Franklin, is a household name.  But the latter, in …

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It’s #safetyfirst, #sexysecond

  What I find most troubling* about this #madscientist #art is the insufficient personal protection equipment (PPE). If ol’ girl works in a lab, her PPE needs to be ON FLEEK. Let’s talk by the numbers… We all like a good blowout, but the lab rule of hair-up-and-back means hair …


Women in Science: The Card Game. Gameplay Review!

Creating a research lab is tough.  You’ve got to recruit people of complementary talents, give them the resources to be successful, and keep them just happy enough to not want to leave but, you know, not too happy.  That dynamic of recruitment and opportunistic head-hunting is at the core of …

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The Chemistry of Beauty: Hazel Bishop Betrayed. (Women in Science 69)

Remember a while ago when I said that botanists were the most under-respected members of the scientific community?  Well, that’s true until you consider a branch of science so underappreciated that many disdainfully refuse to even consider its practitioners as “real” scientists at all: cosmetic chemists. Either because they harness …

My 2.5 gallon pico reef tank.
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Aquaria on the Cheap

This article originally ran on my (now semi-defunct) aquarium blog, but it’s good information if you want to try setting up a fish tank. I’d also like to write some follow up pieces on teaching kids a little bit about biochemistry by way of aquaria.  So You Want to Start …


Fighting Penicillin’s Monster: Elizabeth Hazen and Rachel Brown. (Women in Science 68)

Who (besides, obviously, bacteria) doesn’t love penicillin?  It’s on everybody’s shortlist of the most important things we’ve discovered to improve our lot on this world.  Just a hundred years ago, an infected wound often meant an amputated limb, there being no weapon to stop the spread of infection this side …

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Mad Art Cast Pigment

Hello and welcome to another episode of Mad Art Cast! Today we have a short episode where we chat about pigment. We touched on this topic before because artists LOVE their colors. This week we specifically talk about the Forbes collection of pigments and how that collection is art as …