Hot Cocoa to help Light the Night

Congratulations to the Skepchick teams for raising over $2,500 for Light the Night and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! I promised to create a warm non-alcoholic beverage in honor of this achievement. However, I’m so proud of you all that I decided to make two recipes, one with booze and …

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How To Go To A Museum During A Government Shutdown

Last week I was in Washington, D.C. for work. During my time there, I got to walk around the National Mall (now closed), The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (also closed), and The National Gallery of Art (you may notice a pattern developing here because this place is closed too). …


Brian Cox Paper Doll

As part of our ongoing quest to represent the finest scientific minds in the form of mashed cellulose, I present the Brian Cox paper doll. Dr. Brian Cox isn’t a groundbreaker like Newton or Einstein. He is instead a brilliant popularizer of science like Carl Sagan or Neil Degrasse Tyson. …


A Tale of Two Mediums: Photography Vs. Cinematography

I’m doing something a bit different this week. Last Wednesday, August 14, Mad Art Lab went to the movies…well, not literally, but some of the Labbers got together via a Google Hangout and discussed “Atheists and Film”, specifically about the Atheist Film Festival. Since my internet connection is notoriously slow …

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Hangout on Air this Wednesday: Mad Art Lab Goes to the Movies!

Join us this Wednesday, August 14th at 8 PM Central/6 PM Pacific for a live online chat with some of your favorite Mad Art Lab contributors and some special guests about the art and science of film! RSVP for the hangout on Google+. This is a live internet broadcast so …


Hot! Capsaicin, Chili Peppers, and Jalapeño Jelly

This post was inspired by a recent series of photos taken by Surly Amy of peppers she is growing at her home. The heat in peppers is an evolved mechanism that discourages mammals and other animals from eating the pepper and thus destroying the seeds. When we eat chili peppers, …

Paper dolls available in the Skepchick party room at CONvergence. Photo by @christina39ap.

A Sandbox of Scientist Paper Dolls

Did you miss SkepchickCON? Wish you could have been there with us? We wish you could have been there too! So we’ve brought a little piece of SkepchickCON back home to you: our Geek Art workshop, full of scientist paper dolls. The whole set is here, and we’re already plotting …

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Artist-Designed Mini Golf Course at the Walker Art Center

Hello from Minneapolis! I arrived early this morning for SkepchickCON, and since I had some time to kill, I decided to check out the Walker Art Center. I’m a big fan of contemporary art, and everything I’ve seen so far has been artistically compelling and thoughtfully curated. I’ve really enjoyed …