Miniature Adventures

Hello! Wowza, it has been a while… I am pretty crap at this whole writing thing (I’m glad she hasn’t but if I were Amy I woulda kicked me out on my butt a long time ago… Thanks for being the best, Amy!) Ok, so with that apology out of …


Marvel in Your Own Mediocrity

We all have things we are talented with, and things we are not. Should that stop us from trying? Should somebody not skilled with a brush just walk away from painting? Should a poor writer just set down their pen? I am not talking about “Show us your ugly things” …


Can you make a blacklight with your phone and markers?

Somewhere on the internet, whether it were Tumblr, or Facebook, or Twitter, or Pinterest or… you know just somewhere, I saw this little post about turning your phone camera into a black light. I know, I know, I thought the same thing. “That’s not how blacklights work.” You can’t just …


Must. Have. Morels.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life trudging through underbrush. Getting poison ivy, countless scratches, bug bites, and covered in ticks. Why would I do this? What drives me back to this torture year after year? Morels… Delicious, delicious morels. And guess what. It’s that time of year …

NatureScience & Nature

Spring has Sprung… But how do I know?

It’s finally Spring here, and you know what that means. Right? Hmm, come to think of it what exactly does it mean to say it’s Spring? Is it solely based on the calendar? The temperature? Is it only Spring once college students go on break? There are actually a whole …


Downtown Turkeys: Wildlife Lives Just Down the Street.

Most of the time it seems like we humans have managed to wall ourselves off from the environment pretty effectively. We have built sturdy houses, moved into towns and cities, and found any number of ways to hide out from nature. But every once in a while we catch glimpses …


No Longer Food Friday: Moldy Bread.

Look, I know that it is called Food Friday, and that we are expected to write posts that have some delicious aspect to them; but I’m going to go in a slightly different direction this week. A while ago, I bought some individual bread loaves (because they are cheap and …


Fungal Food: Chicken of the Woods

I’m going to start this post off with a warning: Never ever ever eat a mushroom you don’t know what is. Like, seriously; if you are 95% sure of what you are picking, put it back down and walk away or get somebody knowledgeable to help you figure out for …