Eggplant! Painting and Recipe

At some point–I’m not sure when, I didn’t eat it much growing up–eggplant became one of my favorite vegetables. They’re also one of the more photogenic vegetables, so here’s a watercolor painting I did of one before I slayed it for my dinner. This a recipe I came up with …


Molecular Gastronomy: Play with your food!

This post is based on a Sandbox interactive session I ran as a part of the SkepchickCON track at CONvergence 2014. There were so many people excited to try their hand at molecular gastronomy that we couldn’t fit everybody in. I also performed this demo at Science, Neat: CHOMP in …


The Science of Bubbles + Bubble Universe Cocktail

This post is based on a demonstration I gave in the Skepchick Space Lab at CONvergence 2014 on the science of bubbles. If you saw the demo and came to check out the blog, welcome! (My post about the molecular gastronomy Sandbox will be up next week!) Below is a …

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The Ghost of Evolution, or Why We Still Have Avocados + Guacamole!

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the avocado’s bizarrely large seed? How on earth this most scrumptious of plants could ever have propagated itself in the wild when swallowing such a seed could mean extreme discomfort when passing it or even death by choking? Unlike many other plants we …


Hot Cocoa to help Light the Night

Congratulations to the Skepchick teams for raising over $2,500 for Light the Night and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! I promised to create a warm non-alcoholic beverage in honor of this achievement. However, I’m so proud of you all that I decided to make two recipes, one with booze and …


Hot! Capsaicin, Chili Peppers, and Jalapeño Jelly

This post was inspired by a recent series of photos taken by Surly Amy of peppers she is growing at her home. The heat in peppers is an evolved mechanism that discourages mammals and other animals from eating the pepper and thus destroying the seeds. When we eat chili peppers, …

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Etched decanter auction + The Amazing Skepchick Cure-All

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our SkepchickCON panels at CONvergence, as well as everyone who stopped by the Skepchick Sideshow party room. I’m excited to announce that the beautiful glass decanters containing the cures for Dyspepsia, Palpitations, and Jaundice—the Amazing Skepchick Cure-All!–are all up for auction …


Amuse Bouche: Ice, Ice, Baby + Frozen Piña Coladas

Ice is an important yet often underestimated ingredient in cocktails. As I’ve mentioned previously, it is generally a tool for chilling and diluting, both key elements of the experience of a good drink (though as you’ll learn if you keep reading, ice can be used for other purposes, as well). …