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Mad Art Cast: Why do you art?

In this week’s full length episode, A asks the rest of the the Mad Art Cast crew about what makes them make. Being the ringer in the group, the non-creative, I wanted to know what, if anything, motivated my co-hosts to do the things they do. And if you’re creative, …


The New Symbol of Love

Here at MAL we love love, but we love pragmatic solutions to illogical social tropes even more. That’s why this Valentines Day we’re bringing you a new, more practical symbol for True Love™. Even better, we’re presenting it in the form of a poem. *Ahem*


Calendar Curiosity: Happy Birthday John Wallis!

John Wallis was an English mathematician born on November 23rd, 1616. He is partially credited for the development of infinitesimal calculus. But what he gets full credit for and is his creation of the infinity symbol!