An array of frosted and decorated gingerbread cookies spread out on waxed paper

Kitchen Lab: Only a Ginger

Merry Giftmas! Happy Crimbo! Festive Tinselmas! Felicitations on the midwinter gift-giving light festival of your preference!  I hope Santa brought you everything you asked for, Krampus did not steal any children you wanted to keep, and you got socks or something so the Jólakötturinn did not eat you. For many, including meself, …


A toast to sparkling wine!

New Year’s Eve is upon us, which means it’s time to break open the bubbly! Want to drop a little knowledge along with your toasts? Here’s a rundown on this most festive of beverages (including a video that changed my life forever): 1. Champagne is sparkling wine from a specific …

Dwight Eisenhower at his easel

The Presidential Gallery

It’s Presidents Day. What does that even mean? A day off? No day off? Stuff is closed… maybe? Hey! Mattresses are on sale! *jumps on beds in an appropriately celebratory fashion* Hooray for presidents! Actually, despite being called “Presidents Day,” today is celebrated in honor of George Washington’s birthday. Yep, …


Reindeer Poop: Skeptism and Critical Thinking for Kids

It’s Christmas! What a wonderful opportunity to incorporate critical thinking and skepticism into your child’s life. Rob and I have always been adamant about raising our children with the knowledge that Santa, the Easter Bunny, Cupid, Leprechauns, and the Tooth Fairy are not real; they are amusing characters that go …

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Amuse-Bouche: Prohibition and Repeal Day + Champagne Cocktail

Today is Repeal Day, an unofficial holiday that recognizes the repeal of Prohibition 78 years ago. Thinking about Prohibition raised a larger question for me that applies to all of us: What would you do if your craft was outlawed?


Amuse-Bouche: Tryptophan + Turkey Curry

As a kitchen nerd, I love Thanksgiving.  I appreciate the messages about being thankful for what we have, but let’s be serious—this is a holiday centered around the cooking, eating, and sharing of food. What’s not to love? Just remember: when you can no longer resist a post-feast nap, don’t …