She was warned. She was given an explanation. She was non-compliant.

She Was Warned

She was warned. She was non-compliant. Nevertheless, she persisted. I made a thing! So, I’d (finally) read Bitch Planet, and loved it even more than everything I’d heard would indicate. Is it weird? Yes. Is it over-the-top? Yes. Is it hopefully going to remain satirical? I HOPE THE FSCK SO. For …

By Stacy (originally posted to Flickr as key lime pie) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Kitchen Lab: The Key (Lime) to Success

I like pie! And I like it even more when making it is as easy as reading the back of a bottle. I am not even kidding here! When you want to make some sort of relatively well-known dessert, there’s no need to get fancy or spend a ton of …

PINK! The pinkiest pink that ever did pink. Maybe. It's pretty damn pink.
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On Wednesdays, We Litigate Pink

Like a lot of folks, the Lab got really excited a few years ago about Vantablack, a material that absorbs 99.96% of visible light and is the “blackest black” synthetic thing outside of a black hole. Then Bean-sculptor Anish Kapoor made a deal for the exclusive rights to use it, …


Unexpected Influences

I have a list of art and media that I saw or read as a kid that made a lasting impression on me for one reason or another, some which are well known and the influence obvious (Labyrinth! Michael Whelan! Monet!) to the more obscure (Nausicaa of the Valley of …


Kitchen Lab: Shrinking Angels

Aww, yeah, we’re back, baby! I’ve got a working oven again, so I can once more bumble my way through random recipes on a whim. And because I can’t possibly make things easy for myself, I decided that the inaugural baking for the new oven would NOT be something simple …


Power-Armor Punch-Up

Everyone loves a good power-armored dust-up. There is something deeply satisfying about watching a billionaire in an indestructible suit punch their way to victory. As I watch Iron Man and Batman do battle with bombs, gods, and motor vehicles, though, I can’t help but wonder about their long-term health. Even …


Are Flying Cars the Future of Transport?

No, and you should know by now that they aren’t. There’s been a headline just about every year you’ve been alive that someone has built a flying car and it’s going to revolutionize the way we travel. It never does. It never will. This has very little to do with technological …

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Life Signs Detected

I love good sci-fi. Hell, I love bad sci-fi, but sometimes I make the mistake of thinking too much about it and then I start to get grouchy. Today I’m grouchy about detecting life. In almost any space-faring sci-fi story, there is a moment when someone pushes a button, looks …