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Mad Quickes 11.25

Hello friends and neighbors. Brian here, filling in for Seelix while she is on a secret mission. The only thing I can tell you about it is that it involves NASA, lasers, a rocket propelled grenade and tapioca. We’ll be putting up a Kickstarter for her bail money shortly. Forthwith, …


Don’t Fade on Me: Colorization and Restoration of Old Photographs

A recent Quickie post by fellow labber, Donna, intrigued me. One of the links featured artist, Mads Madsen. He colorizes black and white photos. It’s a pleasure to browse his gallery; the images really do pull you in. As I focused on particular photographs, especially the Darwin and Churchill ones, …

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Of Adobe and Eating Disorders

So Jesse Rosten made this amazing video. Watch it. It’s brilliant but there’s something missing: men. We get Photoshopped too, why isn’t that an issue. After the break I fix the missing men problem and go on a little rant.


AI: Return of the Ozgur Photoshop-o-rama

Way back on my old site I used to run occasional Photoshop challenges. I would throw drawings of a misanthropic turk named Ozgur onto facebook and my friends would caption, speech bubble, and photoshop them into oblivion—often with hilarious results. Since starting the new webcomic, I’ve been toying with bringing the …