No Longer Food Friday: Moldy Bread.

Look, I know that it is called Food Friday, and that we are expected to write posts that have some delicious aspect to them; but I’m going to go in a slightly different direction this week. A while ago, I bought some individual bread loaves (because they are cheap and …

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Mad Art Cast: Photoshopping the Bloomers off Frida Kahlo

It’s Mad Art Cast time! This episode is a quickie- which means it is short and sweet. In this episode we bring you a story that centers around the artist Frida Kahlo and the nude photos of her that are being shared on the internet. Listen in as the gang discusses the fact that there …

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Mad Art Cast Episode 3: #sciart Quickie

Mad Art Cast Quickie! We’re dropping our third overall episode but our second short episode this week to shout about the cool #sciart tweet storm happening over at Twitter. Listen in then go check out the art! Scroll down to listen to the podcast!


A Series of Portraits From Women in Secularism 3

I recently attended the Women in Secularism event sponsored by The Center for Inquiry. This was the third event of its kind that focused on issues that directly affect women within the secular community and movement atheism. I am proud to say that I have attended all three conventions and …

Photo of a dragon at the 2013 Chinese New Year Parade in Chicago
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Art Inquisition: Do You Give Your Art Away for Free?

Hey Mad Art Lab! I’m Jamie. I usually write over at Skepchick Prime about statistics and politics and stuff like that, but I recently had a bit of an art quandary and Amy invited me to write a guest post about it over here at the cool kids’ corner of the …

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Mad Quickies 11.20

Wednesday Quickies for y’all! Party like it’s 1120! By now you’ve seen the GoldieBlox Rube Goldberg, yes? If not, go now. Photographer Uses Cheap Home-Made Camera Rig To Take Stunning Close-Ups of Snowflakes. So lovely.  Oldie but goodie #1 for the week: The Most Amazing Thing About Trees. Oldie but goodie …


Trick or Treat…or BRAINS!

Rob and I love “The Walking Dead” and, though the girls cannot under any circumstance watch it, they have also become similarly obsessed with the concept of all things zombies with the help of the video game “Plants Vs. Zombies”. This year’s idea for Halloween costumes was an easy choice: …

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Salt Therapy: Take It with a Grain of Salt

Recently, I’ve been hearing more and more about salt therapies, or halotherapy, and its supposed benefits. According to the .pdf I just linked to in my opening sentence, “Salt Therapy is the best known method to detox lungs and remove toxins naturally. It is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment, that alleviates …