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Mad Art Cast

Mad Art Cast: Emily Finke Talks Comics

Ahoy! This week the gang talks about the shape of stories AND chats with fellow MAL contributor, Emily Finke, about comics! Look below to find extensive notes from Emily on the titles she mentions during the recording. Also mentioned during the ‘cast: The Bowery Boys podcast on the history on …

Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Spirograph in Wood Gears, Art in The Danish Girl, Puppetry in Movies, Comics in the Classroom, Weapons in Space and More!

Welcome to the working week, my fellow geeksters. Grab a cup of joe/tea/chai/pomegranatejuice/kelpsmoothie and ease into things with these Quickies. Have at it! “While some artists are ambivalent about being viewed through the lens of gender, the all-women’s group show, which fell out of favor in the ’80s and ’90s, …