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Cosplay Compliments, or Shut Up about My Eyes

There is an issue that we all face when trying to be nice: compliments are hard.  Trying to assemble a phrase that expresses your admiration for some aspect of another person is fraught with emotional landmines:  compliment their appearance and you devalue their intellect; compliment their intellect and you devalue their …

Furiosa belt poished and buffed

Furiosa’s Belt – I made a thing and you can have it.

TL/DR version: Skepchick Auction here for Furiosa belt crest to fund Convergence programming. Ends Sunday at 9:00pm ET For those of you that haven’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road yet, I am saddened by your impoverished existence. It is likely the finest 90 minutes of vehicle-base combat you will ever see. …

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Mad Art Cast Episode #14 — Birdman!

It’s time for yet another episode of Mad Art Cast! On this week’s episode, the hosts talk about the award-winning film Birdman. SPOILERS AHOY! We get into the nitty gritty about what defines real theater, what the film’s fantastical scenes really meant, and why the hell a movie with so …


Design Diary – Sweet-Asgardian Breastplate

A delightful astrophysicist friend of mine is aiming to make a Jane Foster dress from Thor 2 for con season this year. I helped her out with the metal bits. Below is a video of the exciting and sludge producing process. Enjoy!

Brass Skull

Material Science for Cosplay 2: Copper and its Alloys

Steampunks and other cosplayers spend a lot of time in the company of copper and its alloys, brass and bronze. Here I hope to throw a little of the science of the stuff your way to make it easier and more rewarding to work with. History Copper was one of …

sheet of white foamcore on a table, with a roll of tinfoil, roll of black duct tape, glue stick, X-Acto knife and silver embroidery floss on top and a green, gridded cutting mat underneath

Do You Want to Build a Costume?

This year was only my second CONvergence and SkepchickCon, and I’m pretty sure I’m hooked. I felt a bit left out last year because I didn’t have any awesome costumes like the rest of my fellow Labbers, so I brilliantly decided that 8:30pm two days before I was supposed to …

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Art Inquisition: Who Will You Be Today?

Hey, everyone! I’m literally writing this in the car on my way to CONvergence with Ashley, and I’m super-excited to see everyone. And their costumes! There are always really creative people at CONvergence, and that means fantastic costumes. I’ve got a few riding in my suitcase right now… And like …

cap shield

Design Diaries – Cap Shield

This week, I made a WWII Captain America shield. Video of how I did it below. Sadly my primer was misbehaving so I need to repaint the whole thing. This is my grumpy face. 😐