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Post Truth


It’s official. We are living in a post truth society where falsehoods are presented as fact and people choose what they believe and what they believe becomes their Truth.

Actual truth is constantly being chipped away at with fake news channels churning out stories for profit 24 hours a day meant to degrade and destroy the facts that don’t align with the cash flows or the agendas of the wealthy stake holders. It sounds like a conspiracy theory but it’s a become a well documented in-real-time activity constantly happening (google fake news), from Fox News to the dark radicalized spaces filled with bigotry and empowered by the rise of fascism, like Breitbart on the internet.

Attacks upon free press and those who dare to speak out are common in steps toward authoritarian control. Beware what you hear. Check sources. Don’t take my word for it, authentication and citations needed. Be vigilant and demand verification and investigation of everything you find and everything you are told to be true. Even this.

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