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Just a Few Days Away From #NewHorizons Pluto Flyby!


This is an exciting time for space travel because for the first time in history a spacecraft will have traveled from Earth all the way to Pluto and will be sending us back data and images of our most beloved dwarf planet from super-duper close up!



If you are on twitter I highly recommend checking out the hashtag #NewHorizons. As of the writing of this there post is some great information as well as a Q&A by NASA and the scientists working on the mission that is being shared there.


The closest flyby of the New Horizons spacecraft will happen July 14th. That is literally just hours away! This mission started in 2006 and in just a few days we will see the most vivid images of Pluto ever and we will learn about the atmosphere of pluto and the Pluto’s largest moon, Charon! So tell Siri to remind you to look up another robot on July 14th and share in this historic and thrilling moment in space exploration.


More info on New Horizons can be found on the NASA page. And to make this mission even more exciting and historic, check out all the amazing women working on this project too! Awesome!


Remember that Patreon project I did with Phil Plait as my science advisor? Yesterday, I got to see the best photo of Pluto yet to compare with the painting I did about the mission- where I just guessed what Pluto might look like with no source material. Here is that photo and my painting for comparison. Not bad!


Amy and Plutosm



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