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I Am an Award Winning Science Photographer!


I have been waiting years to say that and now it’s true! Well mostly true. I won a gift card and got published! I won best chemistry photo for the month of May in Chemistry and Engineering News aka c&en! WOOT. My photo was of strawberry DNA extraction and I was assisted in this endeavor by the brilliant scientist Dr Ray Burks. Could not have done it without her. So a big thanks to Ray and to c&en for publishing my image.

I think my luck in the world of art is finally changing! You can click here to see the write up and you can submit your photos to the Chemistry in Pictures contest too! You can win $50! This was fun and I was seriously just happy to be involved.

Phase two: an art book or grant? Who knows, anything is possible if you just never, ever give up on yourself. Now get out there and make some art!

Here is my “award” winning image:

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