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Why John Cleese, why?

Yesterday morning, John Cleese–yes, that John Cleese–kicked off a breathtaking series of tweets with this gem: No. A sense of humour goes with a sense of perspective,which the PC police lack.Seriously,what do PCPs find funny ? — John Cleese (@JohnCleese) June 19, 2016   Now, OK, aside from the obvious …


Must. Have. Morels.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life trudging through underbrush. Getting poison ivy, countless scratches, bug bites, and covered in ticks. Why would I do this? What drives me back to this torture year after year? Morels… Delicious, delicious morels. And guess what. It’s that time of year …

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WIP Weekend: Making Women in Science.

Why hello there!  It’s Dale, the chap who writes the Women in Science cartoon column here every other Wednesday, and today I’m going to pull back the curtain a bit on how that column gets put together, both to satisfy the twos and threes of people who might be curious …

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WIP Weekend – Cover Songs

Push Play please. Thanks. I got so jealous of all the cool projects from last weekend, that I had to figure out how to post some of my own. I have mixed feelings about playing cover songs, but they’re a great way to practice without straining creatively all the time, …

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Book Nerd – Starcats and Strangeness

This took longer than expected, and I blame telepathic, time-traveling space cats. Namely Khreng and Prandra, the starcat protagonists of Phyllis Gotlieb’s A Judgment of Dragons. The back cover promised an adventure that spanned across time and through the most bizarre and dangerous worlds in the universe and it delivered, with …


Sketchbook pages and the Power of Friendship

So! The news has been pretty depressing lately, especially if you’re like me and can’t stay away from the all the political wonkery around this year’s election no matter how hard you try (ETA: and it’s only gotten worse since I wrote that last night). I’ve resorted to comfort drawing, …

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Higher Mathematics Meets High Culture

Marcus du Sautoy is a mathematician known for bringing an appreciation of mathematics to the masses. He’s done many television programs, popular mathematics books, theater productions and musical performances. He has an exhilarating new series of radio essays about artists who he represents as secret mathematicians. This superb series is …

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Book Nerd – A Future Wrapped in Foil

In fire and winter, raiders and plague, that’s how the world ended in A Gift Upon the Shore, a 1990 novel by M. K. Wren. But when most post-apocalyptic stories at the time were about being hard and tough, about grit and guns, Wren’s tale is about being smart. In …