Two young women practising drawing in front of the Barberini Fawn. Glyptothek Sculpture museum. Königsplatz Munich, Germany. © Jorge Royan / / CC-BY-SA-3.0
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AI: Can Art Make You Healthier?

How did I miss this? A study at UC Berkeley “shows that positive emotions — such as awe, content, pride and joy — are beneficial for human health and the immune system.” Two separate experiments asked over 200 people to self-report the degree to which they were experiencing positive emotions, …


Materials Science for Cosplay 4 – Thermosets

It’s very likely that you have never heard the word “thermoset” before, but you probably use a bunch of them. Epoxy glue, acrylic resins, polymer clay, and silicone are all thermosets. Were you to pick up and handle a thermoset, there wouldn’t be any clear way to distinguish it from …

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Cyanobacteria and Misery: The Many Hats of Anna Zakrisson (Women in Science 51)

A large black labrador pushes through the snow, pulling a sledge of scientific equipment to the foot of a glacier while behind him plods a scientist and his determined five year old daughter.  They are here, in northern Sweden, to measure the rate of glacial melting.  Within a year, he’ll …

photo: Valerie Higgins
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Angela Gonzales and Fermilab–pride, purpose, and play

In late October, 80-y.o.  Angela Gonzales passed away. She was employee number 11 of National Accelerator Laboratory (now Fermilab). At the beginning of her 31-year career with the lab, she and founding director, Robert Wilson, shared a vision of an aesthetically pleasing as well as utilitarian Department of Energy research …

Month Old Cuttlefish
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Cuttlefish in the Home Aquarium Part 2

Within the first week, the other three eggs hatched. According to others who have kept bandensis cuttlefish, if they are born with a yolk sac still attached, as Lazarus was, the survival rate is pretty dismal. However, since I helped him to struggle free of his with a pipette, it’s …

This is Blot, doing her best impersonation of a rock.
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Cuttlefish in the Home Aquarium Part 1

In August, I began a project that I’d wanted to do for a very long time: keeping dwarf cuttlefish in a home aquarium. I’ve been a long-time aquarist, and have even kept octopuses on a few occasions, but cuttlefish had always been hard to come by. In August I received …


Materials Science for Cosplay 3: Thermoplastics

I’ve been trying to work out how to explain thermoplastics for a while. There is a lot to say on the subject, but I really just wanted to throw out the basics of what they were and what was happening when we pointed a hair dryer at Worbla. Instead of …

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Painting of Chlamydia in a Host Cell at Approximately 48 Hours

This painting is 3ft wide by 3 feet high and is Acrylic on Canvas. Please support more art like this on Patreon. For my main sciart project for this past October, I chose microbiology as a theme and specifically I wanted to represent a bad bacteria so that I could …