Yellow Alert!

Today I learned about a unit of radiation exposure called the BED. This is a unit of measurement based on the radiation exposure from… Bananas! See, bananas contain a lot of potassium, which contains 0.01% potassium-40, which is radioactive. The upshot is that the radiation exposure from eating a banana …

Sonify this

Euler’s Number and the price of fish

A short listening exercise for you:  This morning, I turned two streams of data into music. One of these ditties expresses the first 48 digits of the transcendental number e through the medium of handbells. The other ‘plays’ the metric tonnes of salmon sold, day by day, in the second …

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Zach Weiner, 3/8th The Physicist You’ll Ever Be

Zach Weiner is the creator of the comics Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Snowflakes, Cap’n Stupendous and the sketch comedy of SMBC Theater.  He also pulled the greatest internet prank ever on The National Organization for Marriage.  He also is teaching himself physics as a hobby. As a skeptic cartoonist myself, …


Introductions and Illusions

Hello world. My name is Ryan and I’ll be one of the regular contributors to this mad endeavour. A brief introduction: I’m Canadian, I’m a grad student, I’m an artist and I’m a huge nerd. I love visual art and spend a great deal of time creating, studying and absorbing …