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Mad Art Cast Episode #6 – Whiplash!

w00t! Here’s Episode #6 – Whiplash! This week our hosts (Amy Davis Roth, Brian George, Ashley Hamer and A Kovacs) discuss (WITH SPOILERS!) the Oscar winning moving Whiplash. We also discuss, art fair burn-out, music for cats, #SciArt and the follow up on its impact. If you like our ‘cast …

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Mad Art Cast Episode #5 – Zodiac!

We’re back with Episode #5! Mad Art Cast Quickie! A Kovacs, the resident non-artist on the ‘cast, brings up a post about art of the signs of the zodiac, and how it messed with her critical thinking mind. If you like our ‘cast please rate us on iTunes or your …

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Mad Art Cast Episode #4

We’re back with Episode #4! This is our second long-form episode. We had a bit of trouble with our recording this time out. We entertained the idea of tell y’all we’d recorded from Mars itself, but instead I’m just coming clean about our newbie trial and error. Please forgive us …

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Mad Art Cast Episode 3: #sciart Quickie

Mad Art Cast Quickie! We’re dropping our third overall episode but our second short episode this week to shout about the cool #sciart tweet storm happening over at Twitter. Listen in then go check out the art! Scroll down to listen to the podcast!

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Mad Art Cast is live!

Big news! The crew here at Mad Art Lab have started a podcast!  Mad Art Cast is available by clicking the link below, or by connecting to your favorite podcatcher here! Mad Art Cast features Amy Davis Roth as our host, with Ashley Hamer, Brian George and me rounding out …