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WIP Weekend: Death Eater

For the next installment of “My Friends Make Cool Stuff,” this Death Eater mask styled after the ones from the later Harry Potter films is just one part of what will eventually be a full costume.


Why do we Mashup?

I was asked a question at Dragon Con this year that I have been puzzling over for the past two weeks: “Why are mashup costumes a thing?” What puzzled me was not the answer, I know the reason in the very core of my being. What puzzled me is how …

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Mad Art Lab at Dragon Con!

Mad Art Lab will be invading Dragon Con next week! That’s right, Dragon Con is next week. *commences flailing and trying to sew all the things at once, ends up in a ball of fabric, worbla scraps, and disgruntled cats in front of the computer* For those of you who …


Late Night Cage Fight

Sometimes we receive interesting requests. Hello, My name is Diego. I’m working for a production company in LA that is casting people for a TV Pilot that aims to explore the conversation about some current and relevant topics. One of those topics is the existence of God. We were wondering …


Useful or Artful?

The AxiDraw from a recent quickies brought up a question that has been rolling around in my engineer/artist brain for a while. It is a stellar example in a long line of projects that are beautiful, mesmerizing to watch, and yet I would never buy.  See this egg bot, dry …


Women in Science: The Card Game. Gameplay Review!

Creating a research lab is tough.  You’ve got to recruit people of complementary talents, give them the resources to be successful, and keep them just happy enough to not want to leave but, you know, not too happy.  That dynamic of recruitment and opportunistic head-hunting is at the core of …


Ghostbusters – Unapologetically Dorky

The new Ghostbusters movie had fountains of digital ink spilled through violent debate of its worth before the first teaser had been released. I have chosen to wait until after seeing the film to make any formal comment. In short, I quite liked it. I would even venture to say that it …

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Aquaria on the Cheap

This article originally ran on my (now semi-defunct) aquarium blog, but it’s good information if you want to try setting up a fish tank. I’d also like to write some follow up pieces on teaching kids a little bit about biochemistry by way of aquaria.  So You Want to Start …