Last Minute (no, really) Halloween Costumes: Hawkguy edition

I’m not actually doing anything for Halloween this year. I’m sick and don’t really want to spread germs to the rest of my city, as thematically-appropriate as “plague-bearer” would be for the holiday. However, I couldn’t just let Halloween go by unmarked. So I threw on some closet costumes for errands …


Twitter Poll Text Adventure

A few nights ago, I started using the new Twitter Poll feature to tell a sort of text based adventure story. I’d put up a poll, wait about ten minutes, and then write the next tweet based on the results. It’s been a lot of fun so i thought I’d …


You call that science!?

We are all fans of science here, and most of us are fans of pop culture (I assume.) So it’s always fun to see science captured or involved in popular media. Unfortunately, that often leads to bad science information. We’ve all seen it: rush orders on lab samples making them …

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Congrats! You are #Blocked

Heeeeey there! Remember that fun sloth meme I made for blocking people who were totes-innapropes to you on the internet? Well it made so many people happy that I thought I’d make another one. This one is for people who are terrible to you online and is based on a …

The 'Batmobile' arrives for the European Premiere of The Dark Knight in Leicester Square in central London July 21 2008.REUTERS/Toby Melville
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Batman and Copyright

Want your very own Batmobile?  Don’t we all.  But you won’t be buying one from Gotham Garage any time soon.  The 9th circuit court of appeals recently ruled that their replica Batmobiles where in violation of Time Warner’s copyright. Mark Towle of Gotham Garage and his lawyers argued that cars, …

A three-toed tree sloth hangs from the trunk of a tree in the jungle on the bank of the Panama Canal
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A Sloth Meme for You to Block With!

I made this collage-meme a while back to cheer myself up when people said totes-innapropes things to me on the internet. It totally worked! Hope it cheers you up too!      

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Hyrule Buttons – Cosplay Level Up

Back in 2001 I made what you could probably call my first cosplay. It was a Vash the Stampede costume made primarily out of red duct tape. I’d share a picture but that was before the age of ubiquitous digital photography and I have none. Fourteen years later, I have come …

Imperator Peachiosa - Photo by Matthew Sperzel Photography at DragonCon 2015

Making Imperator Peachiosa

(This post is rather long, if you’re not interested in construction and just want pretty pictures of the finished costume, skip to the bottom.) As soon as Mad Max: Fury Road came out, I knew I wanted to make something inspired by it. I mean, it spoke to me on …