Power-Armor Punch-Up

Everyone loves a good power-armored dust-up. There is something deeply satisfying about watching a billionaire in an indestructible suit punch their way to victory. As I watch Iron Man and Batman do battle with bombs, gods, and motor vehicles, though, I can’t help but wonder about their long-term health. Even …

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Life Signs Detected

I love good sci-fi. Hell, I love bad sci-fi, but sometimes I make the mistake of thinking too much about it and then I start to get grouchy. Today I’m grouchy about detecting life. In almost any space-faring sci-fi story, there is a moment when someone pushes a button, looks …

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Making a Replica Discovery Combadge

I was pretty whiny about the costumes in Star Trek: Discovery last week. There is a part of the uniform that I didn’t talk about at all, though: the combadge. The original series didn’t have combadges, but crests that showed their department on the ship: command, operations or science. The …

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Star Trek: Discovery – Throwing Down the Gauntlet to Cosplayers

The costumes in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series are as baffling as they are beautiful. I imagine the artistic director found out that people liked to make replica star trek costumes and took it as a challenge. “We’ll not be having that,” they said. “We’ll have no pajama shirts or polyester jumpsuits …

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Star Trek: Optimism

Star Trek: Discovery, set to be released this fall, has entered the wild speculation stage of production. There’s a trailer that tells us just enough for denizens of the internet to get angry about. There are a lot of women and not a lot of white folks, and there are some …


Make Each Other Brave

Woot Suit Riot released their first live album yesterday. Go listen to it. The album speaks for itself, the rest of what I have to say is for people without headphones handy. They play the nerd rock/folk in the same broad genre as Jonathan Coulton, Molly Lewis, Marian Call, and Paul …


Superhero RPG Design Diary 1

I have been developing a superhero tabletop RPG since early last year and some blog-mates have encouraged me to share the challenges of developing it and talk about the process of game design, in general. In this post I’m going to talk about why I’m doing it, and define what …


Corporate Cosplay

Most of the costumes I make aren’t exactly workplace appropriate. I put mounds of work into them, but I only get to wear them four or five days a year, at conventions, where I effectively pay for the right to do so. This seems very silly. Recently, I’ve started making …