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A Tale of Physics, Betrayal, and Art: The World Premiere of Delicate Particle Logic

It has been 70 years since nuclear fission co-discoverer Lise Meitner was passed over for the Nobel Prize, and for many, the wound is still raw and open. While we largely understand why Chien-Shiung Wu or Rosalind Franklin were denied the award (the former, because experimentalists are always passed over …


Writing by the seat of my pants: Nanowrimo update 2

Day: 10 Goal word count: 16,667 Current word count: 17,781 Mood: Circumspect Prognosis: I did a lot of cleaning up today, which I hope will set me up better from here on out.


Why not just write a novel: NaNoWriMo update 1

This year, for the first time in a few years, I’m participating in Nanowrimo. For those of you who might not know, Nanowrimo stands for “National Novel Writing Month” and is (somewhat counterintuitively) an international, online community dedicated to writing novella-length pieces of prose in November. The goal: write 50,000 …


That time we went to NASA

This past weekend, Nasa Ames had an open house to celebrate their 75th anniversary — something that hasn’t happened in 17 years. It was amazing, and some of you probably couldn’t make it on account of not being in the bay area (or not being up all night the night …

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A Woman’s Room Online

[Trigger warning for images based on threats and harassment] Originally posted on Skepchick. Get your black dresses- and your reading glasses out. There is an art show a comin’ to town! For the past month I, along with the help of LAWAAG have been building an art exhibit called, A …


The Science of Bubbles + Bubble Universe Cocktail

This post is based on a demonstration I gave in the Skepchick Space Lab at CONvergence 2014 on the science of bubbles. If you saw the demo and came to check out the blog, welcome! (My post about the molecular gastronomy Sandbox will be up next week!) Below is a …

sheet of white foamcore on a table, with a roll of tinfoil, roll of black duct tape, glue stick, X-Acto knife and silver embroidery floss on top and a green, gridded cutting mat underneath

Do You Want to Build a Costume?

This year was only my second CONvergence and SkepchickCon, and I’m pretty sure I’m hooked. I felt a bit left out last year because I didn’t have any awesome costumes like the rest of my fellow Labbers, so I brilliantly decided that 8:30pm two days before I was supposed to …

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Paintings From The Space Lab

The annual sci-fi event in Minnesota known as Convergence happened recently, and I was thrilled to once again be a part of it. As many of you may know, this blog network helps to organize the science track at Convergence that we call SkepchickCon. We pack the stages with as …