Finished an odd little painting today. Inspired by in part by Jean-Michel Basquiat, I used some oil sticks on it. So it won’t be dry for a bout 2 weeks. But I like it. I think I will do some more work with those sticks. The piece itself is inspired …


“Palm Reader” and “Religion vs. Skepticism”: SkepchickCon, Part 1

The time has finally come! I can finally reveal a photography project that I originally started working on back in February. It was such an entertaining, yet challenging project and I enjoyed it thoroughly. What was especially cool was that during this project I had the wonderful opportunity to work …

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Lab Track: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Higgs Boson Blues

I got sorta giddy when I saw that Nick Cave had written a song about the Higgs Boson, and it’s about the delegitimizing of religion in the face of science to boot. But then it turns out to be more of a lament than anything (Who cares what the future …


Book of Mormon Chicago Debut

I was lucky enough to see the opening preview night of the Chicago Book of Mormon run this Tuesday (exceedingly lucky, thanks Amanda!). I’m sure many of you have seen it live elsewhere or on YouTube by now, so I’ll try to keep the synopsizing to a minimum and stick …

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War on Christmas? Thank FSM, It’s Won.

Every single year around this time, atheists get accused of waging a WAR ON CHRISTMAS. I imagine the religious folks have visions of my fellow atheists stripping the baubles off Christmas trees, kneecapping the chubby-fake-bearded Santa cosplayers at the mall and then gleefully ripping the precious gifts out of the …

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Baby Flying Spaghetti Monster

The Flying Spaghetti Monster came into pop-atheist culture with a big bang in 2005 when Bobby Henderson brought attention to the idea as a satirical protest to the decision by the Kansas State Board of Education to teach intelligent design as an alternative to biological evolution in public schools. Fine, said …


Quiet Company Going on Tour

Hey, remember that time when I used a song by Quiet Company as a lab track? And then that other time I got to interview two members of Quiet Company? And I asked them all about the album that was essentially Taylor Muse’s breakup letter to god? No? I’ll wait …


Atheist Film Festival on Mutiny Radio

On Sunday evening, Atheist Film Festival director/founder David Fitzgerald and I were interviewed by DJ Jessie G and Wild Bill on The Mutiny Rodeo, a show on Mutiny Radio here in San Francisco. We talk about the festival, David’s book Nailed: Ten Christian Myths that Show Jesus Never Existed, what atheism …