Imperator Peachiosa - Photo by Matthew Sperzel Photography at DragonCon 2015

Making Imperator Peachiosa

(This post is rather long, if you’re not interested in construction and just want pretty pictures of the finished costume, skip to the bottom.) As soon as Mad Max: Fury Road came out, I knew I wanted to make something inspired by it. I mean, it spoke to me on …

Full Hogwarts Costume Group

Throwback Thursday Costumes: Slytherins!

I’ve been costuming as a Slytherin student for ten years now. (Don’t judge me. I’m just waiting to be old enough to do a good Professor McGonagall #ultimatecostumegoals ) I started gathering pictures from the various years with the intention of talking about how this costume has changed over the …

Two hands knitting a drawing of a scarf. by Javier Pérez
Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: #28daysofblackcosplay, diversity in game testing, and Batman goes Wild West

Hiiii, Mad Art Lab! Donna let me take over the Quickies today, so I have some nerdery, some thinky things, some costumes and some pretty art for you. Enjoy! A group of other black costumers have gotten together to celebrate Black History month with #28DaysofBlackCosplay and it is glorious. If …

It's a Trap! WW I Syphilis poster. Yep, no objectification, dehumanization or demonizing women going on here.

Science has an Image Problem

One of the joys of being involved with one of the more literary-focused areas of science is obscure or interesting words become par for the course. Now, for those of you who don’t spend your days agonizing over narrative structure, linguistic trickery and obscure words, I bring you a definition …

Featured image is a composite image of Eight Hours of takeoffs at LAX by  Mike Kelley

Mad Quickies – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Marvel Superheroines

Time for the Friday Quickies! Today, I’m all about the the cheerful, the beautiful, uplifting and just all-around sweet things. The featured image is a composite image of Eight Hours of takeoffs at LAX by Mike Kelley. First, your nostalgia hit: The Feisty Feminism of Girls Just Want to Have …

Don Moyer adds monsters to tradtionally Willow Ware china

Mad Quickies 3.18 – Magic Pigs, Monster Dishes and Burrito Lovesongs

It’s the better-late-than-never Tuesday Quickies! First our featured image is some lovely monsters invading Don Moyer’s idyllic pottery: Willow Ware Monsters. I would buy these dishes in a heartbeat! What if Doctor Who was played by dogs? Continuing my love of itty bitty historical artifacts: Nesting Pocket Globe What can …

Closeup of an earthworm

Mad Quickies 3.10 – Asari Sex and Vegetarian Personal Ads

To Harriet, on her 50th Birthday – Reflections on Harriet the Spy Halley Docherty inserts classic works of art into Google street view. Sexual assault for the lulz in J. Michael Straczynski’s Apocalypse Al Vegetarian Personal Ads – “Must be mated phrenologically and spiritually, or not at all” Can dance …

Featured image is: Five photographers posing together for a photograph on the roof of Marceau's Studio, while Joseph Byron holds one side of the camera with his right hand and Ben Falk holds the other side with his left hand. From MCNY's blog.

Mad Quickies 3.5

Portrait of a Community Inside Barneys’ groundbreaking campaign featuring 17 trans* models Stuff Being Thrown at My Head via Anne Astronaut Mae Jemison talks about women in STEM. I love her. LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS COPEPOD. It’s little and it flashes blue with the right light. The Last of Us …