The Mad Art Lab Secular Christmas Playlist, 2015 Edition

It’s hard to be an atheist at Christmas. God and Jesus are mentioned at every turn, and there are memes everywhere made by snotty Christians asking why atheists celebrate the holiday (answer: because we grew up with it, because it’s as good a time as any to spend time with …


2015 Repost: Feed this From-Scratch Tofu Turkey to Your Favorite Omnivores

Another year, another chance to try a new holiday recipe! This is a rerun of my family’s tofu turkey recipe that I shared last year. Make it, share it, spread the deliciousness around! -Ashley This year, my little sister Eva celebrated her 10-year anniversary of going vegan. (She’s only 23. …


Company Makes Awesome Swiss-Army Hair Clip, Also Makes Shittier Ladies’ Version

I’m not a huge shopper. I generally dislike spending money on non-essential things. But I’ll tell you that the one way you can turn this girl from a disinterested spendthrift into a drooling, drop-everything, “I don’t need that money for groceries, right?” shopper is if the item in question is …


Producer of Pop Songs Releases a Pop Song about Making Pop Songs

Thank you to Kate Christian for making my morning with this video. Last year, Josh Ramsay — the composer and producer of such pop gems as Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” — and his band Marianas Trench created a pop song and accompanying video that explains how to write …


Barbara Boxer Wanted the Congressional Gym to Allow Women, So She Sang a Song for Congress

When researching Washington, D.C. gyms for my day job, I fell down a delightful research rabbit hole that led me to the book Climbing the Hill: Gender Conflict in Congress by Karen and Herbert N. Foerstel. In it, I found out that not only did U.S. congressional gyms used to …

Mad Art Castpodcast

Mad Art Cast: Staying Creative

A new podcast is up! This week’s episode is a continuation of the fascinating discussion about creativity we shared on last week’s episode. We have an update on the pronunciation of Pluto’s moon Charon. Never fear, it still sounds like the female antagonist in a 1980s teen movie. A shares …


Tasting Notes

This is a joint post by Skepchick writer Julia Burke and Mad Art Lab contributor Ashley Hamer. When Anne Sauer alerted us to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Lettie Teague asking whether music can influence the actual taste of wine, the prospect of enjoying our two …


Italy is Sending an Espresso Machine to the ISS

This afternoon, SpaceX is launching its Dragon V2 spacecraft to deliver 4,300 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station. Among the scientific experiments and testing tools is one very large, very odd item: an Italian espresso maker, adorably dubbed “ISSpresso.” It might seem odd to send something so purely …