A three-toed tree sloth hangs from the trunk of a tree in the jungle on the bank of the Panama Canal
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Are These Images Fake? Mad Art Cast Episode 39

You have probably seen these images floating around the inter-tubes over the past year but how can you tell which ones are fakes? And more importantly which ones are funniest? Mad Art Cast reports on this top list of falsified photos from 2015! We have favorites and opinions! Here are …

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Jesus Would Be Profiled By Airport Security, Mad Art Cast Ep 38

Welcome to Mad Art Cast Episode 38 where we talk about the forensic science of creating a realistic face for Jesus. That face may not be the face you were raised to believe in. In fact, it may be a face some people (mostly those of the republican variety) want …

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Can You Copyright Silence?

Welcome to Mad Art Cast Episode #37! First of all SO sorry for the delay in episodes! We had recorded an entire long form holiday gift guide episode but sadly the technology demons, likely sent out by Krampus, came in and destroyed one of the tracks. We tried and tried …

Eart Rising by Amy Davis Roth sm

Earth Rising

The full image of the painting can be seen if you scroll down in this post. This is a Patreon supported art and science project. If you like art like this please consider pledging here. This painting started out as being a project solely about the LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) …

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Mad Art Lab is Now Available in Apple News Feed!

This is just a quick message to let you know that you can now subscribe to Mad Art Lab on iOS in the new Apple News Feed. That means you can get our latest posts delivered straight to your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch on the go, along with all …

chlamydia painting sm

Painting of Chlamydia in a Host Cell at Approximately 48 Hours

This painting is 3ft wide by 3 feet high and is Acrylic on Canvas. Please support more art like this on Patreon. For my main sciart project for this past October, I chose microbiology as a theme and specifically I wanted to represent a bad bacteria so that I could …

Bacteria coloring small

The Bacteria Chlamydia and Coloring Pages for #inktober

I just completed a really fun project for my patreon that happened to perfectly coincide with #inktober. People all over the world posted ink drawings with that hashtag during the month and I happily joined in the fun with a bit of sciart. First, I drew some fun time lapse …

featured block
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Congrats! You are #Blocked

Heeeeey there! Remember that fun sloth meme I made for blocking people who were totes-innapropes to you on the internet? Well it made so many people happy that I thought I’d make another one. This one is for people who are terrible to you online and is based on a …