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Amazing Grace


Hey, it’s Saturday! That’s when I usually attempt to claw my way off the couch and do my webcomic. But I’ve been too busy with something else. Another of my heroines in the field of computing: Grace Hopper. I can almost guarantee she will be the only one of our paper dolls who has a naval destroyer named after them. 🙂

Every day on my way to work I pass a piece of the Harvard Mark I computer and most times I feel like saluting Grace Hopper. She was instrumental in the development of COBOL (and standards for languages), taught at Vassar and worked on the UNIVAC I. Did I mention she has a Navy destroyer named after her??? So for your crafting fun, I give you Amazing Grace Murray Hopper.


PS – If you’d like to steampunk up your Lady Ada doll, I’ve created an alternate reality add-on set: here.

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  1. As I discovered looking up Ryan’s strange math picture a few weeks ago, Vassar college has produced some pretty amazing scholars. I knew about her developing COBOL but not that she had a Navy Destroyer named after her. So cool.
    This post prompted me to look her up on wikipedia, apparently “Grandma Cobol” always wore full navy dress to her lectures. I think I have a new hero as well.

  2. @mrthumbtack hehe Yeah. Watch that second video and she tells a story about wearing her uniform (and, in particular, her hat).

  3. I love this!

    I wish we would have had it to hand out at Dragon•Con. People LOVED the paper dolls at DC btw! HUGE hit, especially with the kids!

  4. I love this doll, but where is the bug?
    Grace Hooper is also known as first tester, because she wrote first bug report with moth glued to the paper (that’s the reason why we use term “bugs” when talking about errors in software

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