Tess Fowler Pushed Out of Rat Queens?

Comic book fans were deeply saddened by the recent news that Rat Queens, the Eisner Award-nominated comic book series, was going on hiatus. As fans likely know, Rat Queens has had a tough run since the series launched in 2013. In 2014, artist/co-creator Roc Upchurch was removed from the series after being arrested on charges of domestic violence. His departure made room for Tess Fowler, who was a natural fit artistically – but also seemed to some a symbolic choice, given her history of speaking up for women in comics. Unfortunately, it seems that is at an end. Fowler announced she would be leaving the series a few weeks ago, with creator Kurtis Wiebe making the news of a hiatus official:

This morning, Fowler started answering questions about her departure, and indicated that Upchurch may be returning to the series:


Rat Queens’ subversive brand of feminism was a breath of fresh air for many readers. If news of Upchurch’s return is true, this could be a disappointment to fans who are too used to seeing acts against women go unpunished. Fowler, for her part, isn’t calling for a boycott:

In the meantime, Fowler is selling off some of the original artwork from her time on Rat Queens, and is offering a pretty great Buy 1, Get 1 deal:

Featured Image by Tess Fowler.

Courtney Caldwell

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