Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies 2.17 SpArkLeCoRn EdiTiOn

GrEeTiNgs fEllOw LaB RaTs. ToDaY’s QuIcKiEs ArE cOmInG tO yOu StrAiGht FroM tHe UnIcOrN’s MoUtH. DuE tO tHe sHeeR aMouNt Of cOntenT I’vE gOt fOr yOu I hAve tAkEn tHe liBerty of catEgoriZing tHe linKs.


  • Gifs

Anne found this amazing blog, chock full of sparkley gifs

This tumblr appears to be the premier spot for unicorn animations.

This gif has it all- unicorns, rainbows, violence and glitter guts


  • T-shirt Designs

Darth Vader and Luke’s epic battle, in unicorn form!

Double Unicorn

Unicorn Nerd, by JTO

Unicorn Compulsively Eating Purple Glitter, by Cloe

Unicorn poop shirt 1, from Steve

Unicorn poop shirt 2

Unicorn poop shirt 3


  • DIY

Unicorn hat pattern

Make your own crazy annoying glitter gifs!

Unicorn poop cookies

Unicorn soldering iron

Unicorn zombie gun

ZOMG, Unicorn pug!


  • Actual Science™

The unicorn nebula actually sparkles in infrared


  • What Is This, I Don’t Even

Unicorn and Dolphin video

Unicorn tattoo, from Rebecca

Zombie unicorn tattoo

JFK riding a robot unicorn on the moon while hunting aliens!?!?

Viking riding a unicorn that is pooping a rainbow…in space

Batman riding a robot unicorn, escorted by friendly dolphins

Mr.T riding a badass black unicorn


  • Other Related Links

Princess Unicorn Sparkles, from Donna

Unicorn Museum, totally legit




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