Puppet Project we want to see

In this installment of “cool stuff I want to see made” there is a puppet crowd-funding project running that I really would love to see hit its goal.

Vermin is aiming to be a more family friendly comedic web series by the people who brought us Transylvania-TV. Gordon Smuder was one of the DragonCon guests for the first year of the Puppetry Track which was where I met him and his wife Jennifer Menken (who had been on a Mad Art Lab panel with some of my fellow Labbers a few months prior at CONvergence). I love meeting people who have a commitment to their art and manage to have an enormous amount of fun with it while still taking it seriously, and Gordon and Jennifer certainly fit that bill.

A webseries about lab rats already looks like a ton of fun and in addition to some of the TVTV team working on it Vermin also has Trace Beaulieu of MST3K fame involved. In a purely selfish move I’m hoping you check it out and chip in to make it happen because then I’ll get to see more fantastic work by these artists.


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