March comes in like a lion and goes out…like Pac-Man?

Happy April Fools’ Day! I got ya’ something nice to celebrate the occasion! What I have for you on this first day of April is no mean prank, though. If you haven’t already heard, Google has gifted the world with the chance to relive the glory that is Pac-Man by offering the game as an option on Google Maps.

Open up the Google Maps page and you’ll see a Pac-Man block in the lower left of the screen. Click on that to activate the game and Pac-Man overlays the territory you have chosen. The game doesn’t work with every bit of the world’s real estate but offers an “I’m Feeling Lucky” button if you want to take your chances somewhere else in the world.

I’m not sure how long this awesomeness will last, so give it a whirl while you can! ‘Scuse me now while I go try this out on some hairpin-turn city streets in Europe…


Screenshots courtesy of Google Maps.


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