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Mad Quickies: Loving Vincent, Hijab Recreations, Magical Duct Tape and More!

HAPPY LEAP DAY! That’s it. That’s all I got. Well, that and these here Quickies. Onward!

Malaysian artist Saraswati uses her hijab to recreate superheroes, villains and Disney characters. Her work is stunning. Find her on Instagram as Queen of Luna.

Riveting personal accounts of harassment from all quarters- from industry executives to sexually aggressive fans to demeaning press coverage: ‘I Felt So Trapped’: In Indie Music, Sexual Harassment Is an Accepted Nightmare. Via Courtney

J.J. Abrams plans to sharpen his quest for inclusivity by including gay characters in the “Star Wars” franchise. Via Critical Dragon

IF magazine is available on the net for free download. Mad Art Jim sez, “Read old serials! Immerse yourself in early sci-fi! Or just look at the ads!”

Social neuroscientist Adam J Calhoun recreates the art form of his favorite novels by mapping out their punctuation. This is fascinating.

MIT has a new tape that can sense light and movement. It is the sensor-loaded duct tape of the future! Thirty-second video included.

This thing of beauty, this labor of love, will blow your mind: the first trailer for ‘Loving Vincent,’ [who looks quite a lot like Ralph Fiennes amirite?] is an animated film featuring 12 Oil Paintings per Second by Over 100 Painters.


And as a nod to that nutty, bloated, controversial spectacle that is always the Academy Awards, I give you this movie-related bon-bon…

Filmmaker Candice Drouet’s Last Words from 129 Films

The list of movies she used is at the vimeo site.

from the page

“My Life In 1.000.000 Frames” is a visual project. I have collected images from all the movies I have seen in my life and split them in different themes.”


Featured image is the bullpen working on the Loving Vincent trailer.



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