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Mad Quickies: Liquid Clocks, Interactive Flowers, The Griffin Warrior and More!


Look: I’m as sad as all of you that Halloween is already over. But we need to move forward. Take my hand. We’ll go together, onward, with the Quickies.

For next years Halloween costume – Archaeologists have unearthed the tomb of an elite warrior that has gone undisturbed for 3500 years. Behold: THE GRIFFIN WARRIOR.

The women of the Supreme Court have gotten the portrait that they deserve. -Via Ashley

Over 500 exoplanets, illustrated. -Via Donna

Hoo doctor! I love the Solar Dynamics Observatory. It does exactly what you shouldn’t: stare at the sun. The benefit, besides the science and data, are the fantastic images we get. (I have the 1 millionth image taken by the SDO as my desktop picture)

Perhaps the oldest art/carvings made by humans have been found in Jersey. No, not the one with pork roll and the Turnpike, the British one. -Via Donna

These interactive flowers “bloom” to provide shade to passersby. -Via CriticalDragon

This is a thing that I want, really, really badly. This clock uses magnets and ferromagnetic liquid to display the time using fluid and IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. Video below as well.




Featured image via NASA/SDO

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