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Mad Quickies: Houdini on Magic, de Grasse Tyson on Good Dinosaur, Eames on Symmetry and More!

Hey hey, we have a fresh start and we’re rarin’ to go… that is, go get a cup of coffee and ease into the regular…

“The Right Way to Do Wrong: A Unique Selection of Writings by History’s Greatest Escape Artist” is a collection of essays by the maestro himself, Harry Houdini.

They say that this $330 hoodie is designed for maximum relaxation but, seriously, isn’t this just high-tech fetish wear?

For the Discovery of King Tut exhibition in Manhattan, the British studio Dynamichrome has colorized 21 of Harry Burton’s photos of the discovery. Something that *I* discovered that you might want to know about: Dynamichrome’s journal. There you have it. I buried the lede.

Artist John Bisbee’s current sculptural medium is nails… lots and lots of nails. And the results are gorgeous.

Artist Satoshi Tomizu makes glass orbs that emulate outer space.

Medical artist Giselle Vitali treats muscle fibers as elegant objects.

Watch Neil de Grasse Tyson weigh in on the science of “The Good Dinosaur”from Pixar.


SYMMETRY – a Math Film by Charles and Ray Eames

At Mental Floss.

from the page

Symmetry is one of five shorts featured in the film, “Mathematica Peep Shows.” The collection was made by Charles and Ray Eames for the IBM Mathematica Exhibit which opened in 1961.

It is about the mathematical ordering of form and the symmetrical properties of objects.

Animation by Glen Fleck. Music was composed and performed by Elmer Bernstein.


Featured image is a piece by John Bisbee.



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    Weird, I just sent you guys that Neil deGrasse Tyson video, right before I saw that you posted this.

  2. Donna,

    By the way, I just gave you guys a suggestion for something for you to look at via twitter, that I have a feeling that none of you have seen before.  Two entire youtube channels to be precise, that might be of interest to Mad Art Lab.

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