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Mad Quickies: Geek Culture Book, Dog Concert, 8-Bit Watercolors, Nerdy Portraits and More!

You guys, I’m a day late with your Monday links because I’ve been trying to get the year right on all the checks I was writing. Yeah. I write checks. I kick my bill-paying old school. And speaking of the Quickies… onward!

Our fearless leader, Amy Davis Roth, is featured in author Kate Norlander’s new book “Geek Culture” with photographs by Emerlee Sherman.

Recently, Laurie Anderson put on a low-decibel concert that only dogs can hear, with headphones provided for their humans. This is a partner piece to her new film “Heart of a Dog.” [trailer below]

The University of Alaska Museum installation “Letters from the Sky” is the teamwork of Fairbanks artist Sarah DeGennaro and geophysicist Simon Filhol.

I know the holidays are a dot in our rearview mirror, but this is too special to leave un-Quickified. A family in Mad Art Robin’s makerspace created this Laser Cut Gingerbread Notre Dame Cathedral.

Artist and scientist Jill Pelto has illustrated the effects of climate change.

Researcher Zak Eckel and his team have developed a new technique that offers strong, flawless 3-D printed ceramics. Via Surly Amy

In case you missed this the first time around, you might want to check this out. How the original Star Wars trilogy fooled everyone with matte paintings. Via Chris T.

Artist Adam Lister created ‘8-Bit’ Watercolor Paintings Inspired by Famous Artworks and Pop Culture Icons.

Photographer Pekka Jonsson shot these whimsical geeky portraits in a classical style. Gorgeous use of light and shadow. Via Critical Dragon

Your moment of zen: The Top 100 ‘Pictures of the Day’ for 2015 at Twisted Sifter.


Laurie Anderson’s documentary to benefit 9/11 rescue dogs…

Heart of a Dog Official Trailer (2015)

from the page

Acclaimed musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson presents her meditation on love and death as relates to her dog in this playful, lucid and heartbreaking nonfiction feature. Dedicated to Anderson’s late husband Lou Reed (who floats almost unseen throughout), Heart Of A Dog takes as a jumping off point the recent passing of Anderson’s beloved terrier Lolabelle. Touching on what her love for her dog means to her by processing her childhood, music, and her life as an artist, Anderson draws upon her childhood experiences and political beliefs as she lovingly tries to help Lolabelle’s spirit face the immediate tribulations it will experience immediately after death. Aided by a beautiful use of her own compositions, animation and 8 millimeter film from her family archive, Anderson creates a gorgeous tapestry on love and loss – reminding us that every love story is a ghost story.


Featured image is Butterflies Drinking Tears from Turtle Eyes by From the page: “In this remarkable capture, Julia Butterflies (Dryas iulia) are seen drinking the tears of turtles in Ecuador. The turtles placidly permit the butterflies to sip from their eyes as they bask on a log. This “tear-feeding” is a phenomenon known as lachryphagy which is a type of mud-puddling.”



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