Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Foodnited States, Sculptural Weather Data, Beavan Speaks, NERC Naming and More!

Holla and happy Monday, my little geeksters! I brought you some nice Quickies. Have at it!

All 50 of the United States reimagined as food puns. Super clever— both names and visuals!

Interview with my recently minted hero, Jenny Beavan: ”There was Cate Blanchett looking like an angel, and me looking like a biker”.

Toonz, animation software used by Studio Ghibli and Futurama, is being made free and open software. Via Beth

Sculptor Nathalie Miebach transforms weather data into visual art. Stunning! I love her weather scores as much as her final constructions. Artist video, also below.

According to Jim at our Lab: The National Environment Research Council in the UK is holding a poll to promote and name its latest Arctic research vessel. But this is what happens when you ask the internet. Personally, I’m rooting for Ice Ice Baby.

Now it’s a party. The Museum of Modern Art Posts 65,000 Works of Art Online.

Instagram find: The exquisitely whimsical work of minimalist Peechaya Burroughs.

Bonus – from the Stock Photo Fail Dept.: Can you spot the problem here?


The Weather Artist: Chasing Storms With Sculpture

from the page

What if you could use weather patterns as a muse for art? Sculptor Nathalie Miebach has found a way to parse through troves of storm data to create massive swirling sculptures that are as beautiful as they are innovative.

Russian percussionists make music on Siberian ice

Mesmerizing and very VERY cool.

Found here.

from the page

Lake BAIKAL ICE live sound.
Real video from IRKUTSK ethnic percussion group «ETHNOBEAT». We playing on frozen water of deepest and oldest Lake Baikal with pleasure and delight in the soul:)
Video created by Natalia Vlasevskaia for BAIKALSTORY


Featured image is Austin Radcliffe from “Things Organized Neatly” and Radcliffe’s book is an excellent gift!



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  1. That stock photo fail: When I saw it, I almost leapt backwards in sympathetic horror. The very idea: eek!

  2. I want to be sympathetic—I really do—but as a working designer, I can’t imagine that no one questioned how to handle the apparatus if it’s nothing they were familiar with. What I’m disappointed about is that there weren’t more fail examples, especially incorrectly held musical instruments. HiLARity.

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