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Mad Quickies: Charlie Brown and the Smiths, Daily Routines of Famous Creative People, 2,400 MS-DOS Games Now Available and More!

Hey gang, it’s super cold here in Brooklyn. It’s also pretty damned cold over most of the country. But I’m here to warm you up. Let’s sit on the couch with a nice whiskey or some hot chocolate, a warm blanket, and fire up these here Wednesday Quickies!

Last week we had Bowie lyrics and video games. This week let’s do Smith’s lyrics invading The Peanuts. – Via Courtney

Nasa has released striking new high resolution images of The Pillars of Creation using Hubble’s newer Wide Field Camera 3, installed in 2009.

Oh shit. 2,400 MS-DOS games are now available to play in your browser. It’s like your childhood best friend has come bac– Hey wait! Don’t go yet! Finish reading these Quickies first, damn you.

I don’t know what your creative routine looks like, but thanks to the folks at Podio, you can see how famous creative people spent their days in this handy-dandy chart. Make sure you hover your mouse to see the particulars. Also, Kafka kept some weird hours.

The charges brought by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York against The Illuminator crew have been dropped. Super interesting group.

Damn dude. Artist Zhang Bojun created these seeming fabric swatches out of photographs of people. But he didn’t photograph enormous groups, all dressed up exactly right to do it. No, no. Instead, he captured these images of people over 7 YEARS and arranged each figure to create the patterns.

Featured image The Pillars of Creation in the Eagle Nebula courtesy of NASA, ESA/Hubble and the Hubble Heritage Team

Infrared image of the pillars of creation from the hubble telescope

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