Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Bauhaus Hijinks, Blinged-out Skeletons, Fata Morgana, Stephen Fry and more!

You guys, I keep getting distracted because SNOW! Well, some snow. Lots of slush. Occasional sleet and freezing rain. Question: am I the only one who thinks “Wintry Mix” sounds like a snack? Okie doke then, onward…


Stephen Fry on God and the Meaning of Life

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The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne, Sunday 1st February, 10.30pm


5 Weird Involuntary Behaviors Explained!

At Mental Floss:
The Science Behind Different Involuntary Behaviors

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Our bodies do a lot of weird things, and many of them are completely involuntary. Why do we often jerk our bodies awake right before falling asleep? Why do we yawn, or hiccup? Why do some people sneeze when they look at the sun? And why does your eye twitch? This week we’ll look at the science behind these crazy involuntary behaviors!



Featured image is courtesy of The Charnel-House.



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