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Mad Quickies: Astralnauts, Ask Carrie, Tattoo Prosthesis, AI Screenwriter, Queen of Bad Bots and More!

Happy Friday, geeksters! No time to waste. We’ve got links to explore. Onward!

Here at the Lab, we’re big fans of Carrie Fisher. Leaning on her expansive life experiences, she is writing a teen advice column for the Guardian. Via Jim

Tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet lost his arm but has the world’s first tattoo machine prosthesis. Badass photos of Tenet, natch.

You remember the fabulous and courageous Illma Gore, right? She explains to us how to draw Trump’s peen. Via Amy

“If Rube Goldberg were alive today, he would be a she, and she would be Simone Giertz.” And Giertz just happens to be the queen of shitty robots. Check out Giertz’s channel. Also, video below. Via Julia M.

Artist Jim Jourdane is working with some of the researchers on the #fieldworkfail hashtag and illustrating their stories. He’s decided to collect his work into a book and this is the kickstarter: Fieldwork Fail: The Messy Side of Science. Darn hilarious. Via Jim.

Axl Rose demands that Google scrub his unflattering photos. At the Lab, Ethan mused, “Maybe we’ll get to replace “Streisand Effect” with “Fat Axl Effect” now.” Via Amy

Benjamin is a screenwriter. In fact, the world’s first automatic screenwriter. Turns out, Benjamin’s video short “Sunspring” is pretty hilarious and intense. Featuring Thomas Middleditch, Elisabeth Gray and Humphrey Ker. Via Ryan

This kickstarter is for “Lyfe” – a “zero-gravity growing system that would you to cultivate your favorite plants in the air. This is from a Swedish design firm, the same people who brought you “Flyte”.

Traversing the cosmos, the Astralnauts are alien-busters and are the creation of artists Alex Pardee and Matt Richie. In particular, the alien art is awesome and retro goopy with lots of chompers and misplaced eyeballs.


The Queen of Shitty Robots

from the page

We interviewed Simone Giertz about her love of building hilariously terrible robots, from a terrifying knife wielding chopping bot to a life-affirming applause bot.


Featured image is the Astralnauts.



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